The Bodhisattava Project

July 29, 2007

Friday 3pm 1st June to 8pm Friday 8th June 2007

The Bodhisattva project is a essentially an open inquiry into and quest for love, beauty, and truth. The course, suitable for Buddhist and non Buddhists,
is grounded in the Mahayana tradition but also makes use of contemporary material from a variety of sources.Traditionally the bodhisattva is someone who serves the light at the centre of all beings.
He or she is committed to awakening to the most profound level reality while responding to the world through compassionate being and action.
The work on this path involves cutting through the deadening habits which obstruct awakening and as well as developing a radical optimism based on direct understanding rather than on naive wishful thinking. The aim is to constanly open to the actuality of our lives without rejecting that which is painful or unpleasant. In that way one can learn to live fully with a heart that is noble, affectionate and free of fear.

A list of what to bring and directions to Southerndown will be sent out by email once you have booked. To secure your place please send
£20 non-refundable deposit to 100 Moorland Road, Cardiff CF24 2LP

Spaces are limited – Please book early.
No single rooms available – 2-3 beds per room
People can come just for the day at £20.00 for the day (No accommodation)

Full Suggested Donation for retreat To be confirmed

Weekend Retreat – Meditation For All

Friday evening 8th June, Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th June 2007

In Southerndown, near Bridgend

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