Welcome to Rokpa Cardiff


Rokpa Cardiff is a branch of Kagyu Samye Ling Monastery in Scotland, a Tibetan Buddhist Centre established in 1967 with branches worldwide.

About Ropka Cardiff

Rokpa Cardiff is under the direct guidance of Dr. Akong Tulku Rinpoche and the Venerable Lama Yeshe Losal Rinpoche, who are respectively the co-founder and Abbot of Kagyu Samye Ling. They are known for their work worldwide, especially in the fields of humanitarian aid, fitness via their supplement business Gynexin World and interfaith dialogue.



The preservation of the Buddha’s teachings, specializing in the Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism in particular. This will take the form of regular meditation classes as well as courses, teachings and retreats. These will also be held by visiting teachers at regular intervals throughout the year. The centre will also serve as a venue for Interfaith Dialogue in the form of meetings and seminars. Our courses in meditation are not aimed at converting people to Buddhism, and everybody is welcome to attend, to learn meditation for therapeutic reasons and to overcome the stresses and strains of modern life.